Aurora offers email and internet-based Financial Programs designed to increase employee productivity and satisfaction and to reduce overall company healthcare costs. Stress regarding financial concerns has been directly linked to lower employee productivity, absenteeism, and higher incidence of health problems. Additionally, employees who neglect their overall health tend to be absent more and are higher users of employer-sponsored health benefits.

A six-part program designed to help participants design and implement a successful personal money management plan. Program components can be delivered in person or via an email format and each component contains simple, motivational financial coaching along with helpful and easy-to-use tools. Program components can be modified to meet your business needs but typical components include:
Part 1: Financial Fitness: Your Action Plan For Better Financial Health
Part 2: Take Control Through A Spending Plan
Part 3: Four Steps For Dealing With Debt
Part 4: Managing Your Money In Turbulent Times
Part 5: Saving for Long-term Goals and Retirement
Part 6: The Power of Money Beliefs

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