Aurora Community Services has been a provider of cutting edge and innovative mental health services since 1986. Through its copyrighted LIFE philosophy (Living Interactively Finding Empowerment), Aurora has created a corporate atmosphere of creativity, passion and commitment which translates into service excellence for its customers.

The members of our leadership team are available to do organizational counseling for your business or organization. Aurora’s leadership team is comprised of a diverse and experienced group of professionals from a variety of backgrounds including business management, entrepreneurship, psychology, healthcare, education, and finance. Consulting services can be customized just for you and can involve one-time consultations or packages of services.

Common Consulting Themes:
• Building a passionate organizational culture
• Ideas for rewarding and engaging employees
• Leadership Development
• Team Development
• Client Rights
• HR Issues
• Incident Investigations
• Compliance Reviews
• Policy Development
• Conflict Management
• Interpersonal Effectiveness


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