When the founder/CEO relocated to the Denver area from WI, Aurora Community Services (est. 1986) was able to expand its residential and support services to individuals with Brain Injury to the residents of Colorado. The first residential support program began in the late fall of 2009 in Colorado Springs. Aurora BI has the ability and desire to widen the geographical service area from Pueblo to North Denver and all locations in-between. The Regional Coordinator in Colorado, a Certified Brain Injury Specialist, has worked with individuals with brain injuries for the past 13 years in developing active rehabilitation programs, behavioral programs, social programs, and helping individuals with brain injuries live more independent and enjoyable lives. The expertise of over 100 professionals from the Aurora management team is also available to provide consultation, guidance and support to the staff, consumers and/or their family members.

Aurora BI provides a range of community based residential options for individuals with brain injuries:
• Supervised living arrangements (1-2 person occupancy).
• Supportive Home Care for individuals needing long-term care in one of our homes.
• Active rehabilitation for individuals coming out of acute care who may need extra    rehabilitation and functional training to transition back to their homes.

Aurora BI’s Approach
Our services are provided based on each individual’s needs and their desired outcomes. The homes are chosen based on the individual’s functioning level and accessibility needs. We are able to provide short-term active rehabilitation for individuals transitioning after a hospital stay who may need extra rehabilitation in order to live to their fullest potential of independence. We are also able to provide long-term supported living to those who wish to live in a community-based residential setting with support from well trained staff who can assist with implementing therapy goals and exercises, as well as providing assistance with everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning, social outings, running errands, providing companionship, etc.

The Programs are community-based which enables the individual to live in a home, rather than in an institutional or hospital-like setting. The homes provide the opportunity and therapeutic focus necessary for the individual to work on life skill goals, exercises, and rehabilitation activities. Aurora’s supported living is an excellent and unique alternative to a nursing home for individuals with brain injuries as each person is able live the life they choose through the support of highly trained staff. This approach ensures that the individual will achieve the highest level of independent living.

Programmatic Flexibility
Aurora prides itself on the ability and willingness to provide flexible and ever-changing services to individuals who are always growing and changing. Aurora will provide as much or as little support as is necessary to maintain the individual’s safety, while also encouraging the person to grow and become independent. For those individuals who return to independent living but may need just a little or occasional support, our 24/7 telephonic call service is available to meet their needs.

Aurora is able to provide exceptional services at a cost lower than most of our competitors, while maintaining best care and quality programming standards. We only provide the services that the individual and their family choose at the time of admission and we will decrease services and cost as the individual requires less and less in their rehabilitation program.

Our Staff
Many of our staff have been working with individuals with brain injuries for years. All of our staff undergo extensive training to become more knowledgeable about the effects of brain injury, rehabilitative approaches, behavioral and personality changes with brain injury as well as the best approach in dealing with all crisis and behavioral issues. All of our staff are extremely compassionate, caring individuals who act in a professional manner. They are gifted in helping individuals to reach their goals and treat all individuals with the utmost respect. Staff create a fun, happy yet therapeutic environment for each individual which in turn, makes rehabilitation a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.

What Service Components are available?
Individual Service Plans (ISP)
ISPs are available which outline specific program plans, care provision instructions, and behavioral goals. Staffings with the house staff, therapists, doctors, guardians, family members, and all others involved in the individual’s rehabilitation/care are held to review the ISP in order to ensure that all parties involved are doing everything necessary to assist the individual to reach his/her independence goal. The family and the individual being served will determine the specific goals; the program will then be developed, implemented, monitored and revised as needed, to ensure the goals are being met.

Behavioral Support Plans (BSP)
BSPs are written by Aurora’s Behavioral Specialists for individuals with behavioral challenges requiring extra support. This will ensure that all of the staff, as well as everyone else involved in the care of the individual are using an appropriate and consistent approach in responding to any behavioral challenges. BSP’s like ISP’s are monitored and revised as the individuals behavioral challenges decrease.

Goal-Oriented Skills Coaching and Therapy Continuation
• Daily living skill assistance and training (including laundry, cooking, cleaning,
   hygiene, money management, time management, etc.)
• Conflict resolution and stress management training
• PT, OT, speech therapy goal continuation
• Fine motor skill development
• Short or long term care along with daily active rehabilitation
• Behavioral consultation
• Social skills training and therapeutic social activities
• Transportation to and from medical and therapy appointments
• Nursing consultation
• Cognitive/memory therapy
• Vocational therapy
• Transitional planning—assists with transitioning into a new home after rehab
• Adaptive assistance—finding ways to adapt different activities/tasks, etc. to make
   them less difficult for an individual with disabilities
• Staff availability on site 24/7
• Room and board in a safe and healthy home-like environment
• Service coordination with other agencies
• Crisis intervention
• Assistance in accessing community services

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