Aurora’s leadership team is comprised of a diverse and experienced group of professionals from a variety of backgrounds including business management, entrepreneurship, psychology, healthcare, education, and finance.

Aurora has created a corporate atmosphere of creativity, passion, and commitment and each member of the Aurora leadership team plays a key role in maintaining this culture and the service excellence which we provide to our customers.

Dave Barnard

Dave is an accomplished business developer and entrepreneur whose passion for community-based long term care led him to co-found Aurora Community Services in 1986. Dave has led Aurora’s development from a single residential home to a multi-million dollar corporation with more than a thousand employees and a management group of more than a hundred.
Jim Neuman

Jim co-founded Aurora Community Services in 1986. Jim has an extensive background in social work and in advocating for the needs of the disabled. He has a particular passion for serving persons with brain injuries, has served on the Brain Injury Association Board of Directors and currently serves on the Wisconsin Brain Injury Advisory Council.

Don Andresen

Don uses his extensive experience in corporate finance, behavioral science, and psychology to keep Aurora financially sound and to maximize the value we offer our customers.

Don can be reached at 715.235.1839.


Avis Wolske Baker

Avis is a skilled and experienced corporate project manager whose leadership has contributed to the development of numerous innovations in residential care. Her solid professional reputation in the areas of long term care and rehabilitation have helped shape Aurora’s culture of respect and customer service excellence.

Avis can be reached at 715.235.1839.


Holly Hakes
Executive Director

Holly has a rich background in human services and counseling and has extensive experience working with children, juveniles, families, employees as well as businesses in both the public and private sector. Holly is passionate about program development. Her creativity has resulted in the development of several cost effective and unique services across the Aurora companies.

Holly can be reached at 715.235.1839.


Cindy Smith
Director of Finance

Cindy has a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding all things financial including employee benefits, strategic planning, and risk management.

Cindy can be reached at 715.235.1839.


Marni Waznik
Employee Services Director

Marni brings her passion to advocate for the rights of people with disabilities to our human resources group, ensuring that we provide the best possible staff support and that our customers’ needs always come first.

Marni can be reached at 715.235.1839.


Dustin Doornink
Director of Information Technology

Dustin ensures that Aurora’s technology is cutting-edge and that we’re constantly using the best tools to create new efficiencies for our customers.

Dustin can be reached at 715.235.1839.


Linda Aton
Director of Administrative Services

Linda and her team keep Aurora’s offices and facilities running smoothly and ensure that Aurora’s customers are always greeted with a helpful and smiling face.

Linda can be reached at 715.246.2143.


Terri Bollinger
Director of Aurora Vocational Services

Terri heads up the team of vocational coordinators and coaches who help individuals with disabilities to be all that they can be and to find employment in their local community.

Terri can be reached at 715.235.1839.


Andy Wolf
Director of Aurora Community Counseling

Andy oversees all of the activities within Aurora Community Counseling and is a leader in expanding community support programs.

Andy can be reached at 715.235.4696.


Candace Kapperman-Wolf
Director of Aurora Community Health

Candace is an experienced home health care administrator. Her passion is to provide the services that allow individuals to get the care they need and remain in their own homes.

Candace can be reached at 715.235.3707.


Deena Black
Director of Aurora Residential Alternatives

Deena has spent her entire career committed to supporting people with disabilities to live in the community of their choosing. Under her leadership, ARA has a diverse continuum of community based programs available ranging from Community Based Residential Facilities to phone and video based supports. If you are looking for a creative and customized support for your loved one, contact Deena.

Deena can be reached at 715.246.2143.



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