As an organization, we engage our 1000 plus employees in a culture of positivism, passion and creativity and one of our skilled speakers would love to share our passion with your business or group. At the center of all we do is the LIFE philosophy – Learning Interactively and Finding Empowerment. This reflects our belief that individuals and businesses alike thrive most when they function in a creative environment where we all learn together and bring our best to the table. LIFE helps to motivate individuals, engage employees, and infuse businesses with passion and enthusiasm.

Our presentations and trainings promote:
• Practical and Positive Solutions to Tough Problems
• A Focus on Strengths, not Weaknesses
• Tapping Into Passion
• Life as Learning
• Living with a Focus
• The Power of the Group
• Enthusiasm
• The Value of Common Sense
• Reality-based Living
• Finding Inspiration
• Thriving Amidst Challenges
• Regaining a value for Character
• Optimism as a lifestyle
• Customer Service as an outgrowth of individual passion

Example presentations (others customized to meet your needs):
• Living Life with Passion and Purpose
• Putting Passion Into Your Work
• Creating a Positive Workplace
• Following Your Dream
• Overcoming Obstacles
• Passion: The Key to the Success of Your Business
• What Really Motivates Employees?
• Why Happy Employees Are Good For Your Business
• Fostering Employee Loyalty and Trust
• Creating positive workplace environments
• Empowering Employees
• Employee Engagement
• Why Employee Development is a Win-Win
• Secrets to Employee Commitment
• The Importance of Empowerment
• The Power of Community
• Women in Business

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